NIKSUN® NetDetectorLive

Relax! You won't miss a thing

Whatever the task, from forensic reconstruction of network activity to complete situational awareness of your network, NIKSUN NetDetectorLive, with capture rates well into multi-Tbps, is the tool for the job. Simply plug it in and Know the Unknown®.

NetDetectorLive® is the only solution that integrates packet capture, metadata generation, real-time indexing up to Layer 7, IDS (signature and anomaly), malware analytics, and more. The NIKSUN NetDetector® Suite provides in-depth and real-time forensics that go beyond firewalls and IDS/IPS systems to identify, resolve, and prevent cyber-attacks. NIKSUN NetDetector® is the world's first packet-to-disk appliance for cyber defense.

  • NIKSUN NetDetectorLive is pre-packaged with an extensive set of robust, content-based rules that are designed to detect and alert on a wide array of potential policy violations, suspicious activities, or Indicators of Compromise (IOC).
  • NIKSUN NetDetectorLive alerts on suspicious traffic based on metadata content, for immediate notifications on policy violations, data exfiltration, malware, and cyber-attacks.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Signature and Anomaly based detection and retrospective analysis.
  • Threat Intelligence via out-of-box NIKSUN generated and third-party threat feeds
  • NIKSUN NetDetectorLive's quick reconstruction capability allows for forensic analysis in fractions of a second and replaces manual investigation processes with proactive discovery, classification, and analysis of diverse applications and protocols.
  • Real-time generation of metadata on all content including Email, Web, SSL/TLS, DNS, SSH, SMB, FTP, Chat, and more.
  • NDL provides complete details about all application sessions and policy violations for audits and evidence.
  • Intuitive and powerful UI with real-time and historical data for actionable intelligence, ingest, correlation, and search of a wide variety of data for advanced forensics.
  • Single click workflows help reduce mean-time-to-resolution
  • Advanced Application Recognition classifies and analyze many applications based on content
  • Common Criteria Certified Solution

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