NIKSUN Releases New NetDetectorLive Alpine

Published on: 03-16-2012

Princeton, NJ, March 16, 2012 — NIKSUN®, the world leader in real time cybersecurity and network monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its all new NIKSUN NetDetectorLive Alpine 4.2 appliance for fast “on-the-fly” network forensics, policy audits, and real time application and session reconstruction. With the announcement of NIKSUN’s new superfast NetDetectorLivecybersecurity personnel can quickly and accurately detect and investigate security and policy violations “on the fly”, while simultaneously recording and indexing all packet data that has traversed the network, for immediate and retroactive deep forensic analysis. With sophisticated new cyber attacks being launched every day, only NetDetectorLive provides the power and speed to immediately detect, analyze and resolve attempts to infiltrate and compromise today’s largest and most mission-critical networks.

Built on NIKSUN’s award-winning Alpine architecture, the new NetDetectorLive offering provides real-time content-monitoring, in-depth network forensics, and immediate application reconstruction that details the full context surrounding the data breach or compliance violation. NetDetectorLive monitors networks, automatically providing alerts when security breaches or policy violations are detected -- while simultaneously reducing analysis and resolution time -- by performing deep network forensics on the triggered data. The result? You see the full picture – what happened, how it happened, where it happened, and to whom it happened – seamlessly reducing security risks and achieving compliance goals in today’s challenging cyber-threat environment.

“We are pleased to offer NetDetectorLive, uniquely limiting the potential damage of an attack by pinpointing security vulnerabilities,” said Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN’s Founder and CEO. “NIKSUN’s NetDetectorLive is the answer security professionals are looking for – it keeps pace with the constantly escalating security breaches that threaten our government and business infrastructure.”

NetDetectorLive's quick reconstruction and replay capability allows for forensic analysis in fractions of a second. This enables security personnel to conduct more thorough investigations than ever before, in much less time. What does that mean? More investigations resolved – clearly, completely, and expeditiously.

NetDetectorLive is the only security appliance that captures and indexes all packet data in real time for superfast search and reconstruction. It also alerts on detection of any suspicious traffic for immediate notification of policy violations, data exfiltration, malware, or cyberattacks. Content rules can be used to detect users researching hacking sites, steganography or password cracking software, and then generate immediate, customized alerts, so remediation is quickly and fully achieved. Why is this important? It limits the potential damage of an attack and identifies specific security weak points To prevent recurrence.

NetDetectorLive's forensics database provides today's widest and deepest investigation capability. With a linked packet database, real time searches can be completed across a wide variety of objects to pinpoint the source of attacks and policy violations before the loss of critical data occurs. NIKSUN NetDetectorLive is fully supported by NIKSUN NetOmni.

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