NIKSUN CEO Dr. Parag Pruthi to Speak at NATO NIAS 2013

Published on: 09-17-2013

Mons, Belgium, September 17, 2013 — NIKSUN® Inc., NIKSUN® Inc., the world leader in real-time and forensics-based cybersecurity and network monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce the company’s participation in the 2013 NATO Information Assurance Symposium (NIAS), in which Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN’s Founder and CEO has been invited to speak on cybersecurity . The NATO IA Symposium 2013, being held September 17-19 2013 at the NCI Agency location, Mons (SHAPE), Belgium, is the largest Information Assurance event in the NATO calendar, providing an opportunity for senior NATO IA Staff, NATO Nations IA leaders and leading Industry IA providers to develop industry best practice solutions for NATO’s use.

NIAS 2013 is expected to attract more than 1200 delegates and exhibits from approximately 80 vendors showcasing Information Assurance and Cyber Defense Solutions and products, including NIKSUN’s award-winning cybersecurity products. NIAS 2013 is open to members of NATO Headquarters, NATO Agencies, NATO Nation, and partnership for peace countries.

An invited speaker at NATO since 2010, Dr. Parag Pruthi will address the NATO delegates on Wednesday, September 18th at 11:00am, speaking on the latest technologies that address the most recent and dangerous threats. Dr. Pruthi’s talk, entitled "Using Big Data Analytics to Thwart Cyber Threats" will discuss the latest in analytical and forensic tools designed to combat today’s cyber threats.

“Governments, ISPs, and enterprises, in their move toward cloud services and cloud computing, face many difficult security challenges,” said Dr. Pruthi. “The power of cloud computing demands powerful security technology that is advanced, intuitive, and fast enough to keep pace with the speed and processing power of cloud services; we are fortunate in that NIKSUN provides just that in its latest technology.”

At NIAS 2013, NIKSUN will showcase its latest cybersecurity products that operate on the world’s fastest networks while analyzing and dissecting the traffic in real-time. Stop by NIKSUN’s booth for real product demonstrations by NIKSUN’s technical and executive staff.

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